GET A LIFE is an art project wherein physical works are as important as the garments they influence and wearability is continually questioned. By using fashion as a medium GET A LIFE hopes to build a full understanding of the evolution of it’s own sub cultural impact. 

To sell art in the same way one sells an item of clothing perfectly begs the question of ownership within art purchasing. What are you actually buying? A well made (subjectively) good looking object? The intellectual shares to an artist’s cultural cachet? A physical reward for what absolutely brilliant taste you have? Or a genuine act of support to someone whose ideas you admire.

By replacing personality from the creation of the works with a brand GET A LIFE will navigate the art market in a new way. Can the sale of an artwork by an unnamed artist talk to consumers in the same way? Similarly if a brand produces art and clothing can the art impact the resale market with the same results as it’s wearable counterparts? 

By rebranding a range of found garments and objects with the GET A LIFE aesthetic the project will experiment with the visual language of branding across unpredictable outcomes. By placing more outlandish items alongside wearable ones within the same price range the store can actively measure the courage of the consumer. 

With that in mind the hopeful mission of GET A LIFE as a brand must be to create art objects that continue to inspire the 'wearable' ones. With ownership of the project’s self-referential influence the work can truly strive to create genuinely new and optimistic ideas about contemporary visual culture. 

Through controlling sales independently prices will be fairly inline with the labor and materials involved to create thoughtful and long lasting one off pieces. Similarly An emphasis will always be based on creative conversation on how independent companies can best impact the communities they belong to.